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MICE is English a abbreviation: Metting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition (or Event). This type of tourism has developed in many countries because the value of this service is bigger than others.
 Today with the global economic integration, there are more and more business activities such as meetings, exhibitions and business trips. MICE and MICE economy emerge, as an increasing number of professional convention organizers are engaged in an integrated service of offering information about destinations, itinerary arrangements and planning and organizing of business events. Many business firms believe that MICE not only can effectively motivate their employees, but also is a new way of enhancing public awareness of their own firms. So many companies hold their own product launches while organizing incentive tours so as to maximize the effect of market publicity.
 Different from regular tours, the incentive tours aim to help the tourists "feel relaxed" during their trips, with a slow-paced itinerary and comfortable accommodation and transportation as well as delicious food. The incentive tourists usually stay at one place for several days. In the meantime, some theme events related to their company will be organized, incorporating corporate culture into the tour. As we know MICE isn’t new tourism product, it has developed through several periods, under different perceptions. 


Nowaday MICE is known intergrated tourist product of the invidual tourism products, the organization and infrastructure. Recent year MICE tourism has a strong development in Viet Nam because this country is considered as attractive, safe, friendly. Viet Nam is most chsen MICE sites include: Ha Noi, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang, TP Ho Chi Minh, Phu Quoc,…
 Many economists said that Viet Nam is going to be new international MICE destination. So Viet Nam needs to have developed field and trategy to change its tourism industry.
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