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Corporate team building events are often conducted to build synergy between teams and bring them towards the common purpose and goal that aligns with company's values and vision. In that sense, these corporate team building events are not just a set of games or fun activities. If they are limited to just having fun, the fundamental objective cannot be met. To be successful, the team building events must be carefully thought, meticulously planned and professionally conducted. Here are some tips for organizing a successful corporate team event. 
 1. Step 1
Determine the budget. Since money drives everything, first find out the budget allocated for the corporate team building event.
 2. Step 2
Decide on the venue. Once you know what you can afford, start looking out for a place to hold the event. Do not keep it on campus. Work place never feels like an event venue. 
3. Step 3
Involve people. Team effort begins fr om organizing corporate teams building event itself. Have some kind of survey or poll to pick the location, activities and central theme ( water park, adventure spots, theme parks, nature reservoirs and so on) for the event. When team members are part of organizing the team building events, they feel part of a bigger team with common purpose.
4. Step 4
Choose activities wh ere everyone can contribute. Spectator is not a role in team building events. Everyone is a participant.


 5. Step 5 
Prepare each game or any other item with an objective in mind. Make sure these objectives are in line with the values your company promotes. For example you can have an activity that involves constructing a tower. Multiple members of the team should work together to reach the goal. Unless they work in focused and coordinated fashion they cannot succeed. These kind of games/activities reinforce collaborative effort towards a common goal in a team environment.
 6. Step 6
 Put together teams for games or activities by mixing people from different cross functional groups in the company. This brings in some diversity to the team and also allows people to connect with each other. Otherwise, individual teams may end up being "buddy gangs". It is important to mix and match folks across teams in corporate team building events. It is an occasion to mingle, build trust and relations.
  7. Step 7 
Do not arrange the corporate team building event on a holiday or weekends. Time should be taken off from the work to spend on team building activity. This shows how much the company values these initiatives. 
8. Step 8
 Make the event as informal as possible, but keep order in place. Have open communication and allow people express freely. This generates good feeling among the team members and energizes them.
 9. Step 9 
Have an expert observe and evaluate each teams' actions, performance and what they did well and what could have improved. This allows members to see their actions in a larger scope of common goal and how they can participate and contribute. 

Team building is one of the basic skills in the process of working in the business today. These skills can be clearly disclosed in team building