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The power of team impact!
Some claim that you use less than 10% of your brain power. Others claim this is a myth. There is no doubt in my mind that, whether you use 10% or 90% of your brain, you are capable of increasing your brain power. And you only need to look at the world around you to know that many people don't use much of their brain power. 
Alone, you have only your own knowledge and world view. The team brings a pool of experiences, expertise and attitudes needed for the higher level of solutions needed world wide.
There are team building exercises that show teams have a higher impact than the individual. There are some exceptions. A team may have one or two people with a greater level of wisdom, expertise and knowledge. But, other than the exceptions, the team is stronger together. The power of community is discussed in the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, a book that investigates what it is that triggers a tipping point and brings massive change. If you are passionate about change this is a great read...
  What does it take to create a tipping point in a team? Can team building games and activities really make a difference? 
 Building a team requires a vigorous process that:
 • drives purpose and shared vision,
 • stimulates a culture of inquiry,
 • inspires commitment, accountability and responsibility,
• embraces change and diversity, 
• understands team roles,
• develops awareness of internal motivations and conversations,
• seeks listening, understanding and communication skills,
• generates extraordinary, tangible results,
• increases leadership and emotional intelligence competencies,
• encourages future focused, solution orientated thinking, 
• and creates a dynamic forum for self learning. 
Find the right team building activities and your team work will enter the realm of I don't know, I don't know.This is the realm of the unknown where potential and wisdom lie. This is what is missing in so many team building programs. Today team building exercises must take teams beyond the ordinary into the unknown. 


Four areas that impact on your team:
  1. Collective Consciousness
 Each of us is contained in any given DNA strand of our bodies. The whole is found in each part. The holographic principle says that the whole world can be found in each of us. This suggests that there is a collective consciousness. Dr Dave Hawkins² shares results of tests that calibrate the energy levels of different communities. These experiments give insight into the dynamics of a great team. Like attracts like. To elevate the team consciousness and performance requires each person to increase their personal mastery - together.
2. Individual Truth 
Within the collective consciousness is the knowledge that each of you is also bigger than the team. The team gives you strength and yes, you can be influenced positively or negatively by the team. But you must find your own truth and stand for it. History tell us that society as a group does not set a high standard. The team does not always know best. Taking the time to seek your own truth, purpose and values is crucial. Personal mastery is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your team.
 3. Learning lessons 
Teams are a pool of learning. They are a reflection of you. You will bump up against different ways of being, doing and seeing. Sometimes this will cause conflict and frustration. But the team is an incredible forum to learn in. It will polish you, rub up against you and show you your stuff. Ultimately it is all feedback.
4. The ability to handle change and stress. 
Your team is only as strong as its members' ability to handle change and stress. It's great to brainstorm solutions. But, the implementation of long term solutions will create change and the team will brush up against challenges. 
Keep it simple - any activities that achieve the team building definition set out above are likely to be effective team building techniques.